10 Crazy Slang Phrases Teenagers Say These Days

Teen Hanging Out with Her Friends
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These days, it becomes harder and harder to understand teens. Teens, nowadays, talk in a crazy language only they can understand.

As a parent, you know how complicated it is to deal with your teenager. Even if you try hard enough, you’re bound to make more mistakes than ever. This is especially obvious when you try to speak their language.

So what exactly is the language of teens nowadays? How different is their language as compared to what you actually speak nowadays?

Today’s teenspeak is not only integrated with a lot of expletives, coined, and made-up words. It’s also integrated with a lot of techy words. That’s what makes it so complicated for you to understand.

Teenspeak in the past was just a heavy usage of words such as totally and like to stress a point. Parents, at that time, didn’t struggle so much. There were no acronyms as well.

Nowadays, it’s totally different. As in, totally different. LOL. If you think those words are slang, take a good look at the 10 crazy slang phrases teenagers say these days. You can turn to the next page to see what these 10 crazy slang phrases are.

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