13 Classic Mommy Moves That Send Teens Shrieking In Total Embarrassment

Mom Embarrassing Daughter
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A few years ago, you and your adorable kid were a team. You were inseparable and there was no way anyone could have gotten between the two of you. Remember the days when you had to struggle to leave your kid behind with the babysitter? Well, those days are gone.

Once your child turns into a teenager, you pretty much have to step aside. Gone are the days when your child proudly clutches your hand. Gone are the days when your child excitingly says, “Mom, look!”

Now, you’re just someone in the background. As your kid slowly turns into a teenager, you’ll be spending less time with each other. Your kid will retreat to another world that’s totally alien to yours.

You definitely wouldn’t understand it. In your desperate attempt to comprehend everything, you’re most likely to end up embarrassing your kid instead.

The one person that totally embarrasses a teenager is his or her mom. There’s just no doubt about that. So take it from there. Your classic mommy moves are the surest ways to send your child shrieking in total embarrassment.

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