10 Valuable Tips To Consider When Setting The Rules For Teens

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Getting your teen to follow rules can be pretty taxing. The last thing a teen would ever want to do is to follow rules; more so house rules. Unfortunately, you just have to make sure that they do.

Hence, it’s a must for you set the rules. No matter what, you have to create a set of rules for your kids to follow. By setting the rules, you take the lead and your teen follows.

Psychologist and author, Dr. Shannon Kolakowski has this to say about setting down the rules:

“Research has consistently shown that the “authoritative” style of parenting results in the most well-adjusted teens. These parents balance control and responsiveness to their teen’s needs. They set clear rules, praise their positive attributes, give explanations for their decision making process, and encourage independence.”

Setting clear-cut rules will also lessen the conflict at home. However as a parent, you’re not just wondering how you can establish the rules for your teen. You’re also wondering if there’s an easier way to do it.

Well, there isn’t but there are 10 valuable tips for you to consider when you establish the rules for your teen.

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