10 Teenage Thoughts Parents Find Hard To Understand

Teen with Her Parents
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Here are the top 10 teenage thoughts that parents don’t understand.

10. Parents just don’t understand that not all teens like Justin Bieber and One Direction. So, to all the parents who are thinking about what to get their teens for their birthdays, ask us before buying the new Justin Bieber perfume at Macy’s.

9. Parents just don’t understand that we know they weren’t perfect in high school, either. Parents, when you get mad at us for staying out past our curfew and going out with our friends on the weekends, stop pretending you weren’t doing the same things when you were teens.

8. Parents just don’t understand that they don’t need to apologize for cursing…Believe us, we’ve heard curse words before. In fact, we need curse words to get us through bad test scores and annoying classes. So, when you forget I’m in the car and curse out the driver next to you for cutting into your lane, please don’t apologize. Thanks!

7. Parents just don’t understand that we’ve heard worse than Howard Stern. Similarly, parents, you don’t have to change the channel on the radio or the TV whenever Howard Stern comes on the screen. Right when you leave the room, we can stream his radio show or watch America’s Got Talent on the computer. No need to be martyrs. We can all enjoy Howard together.

6. Parents just don’t understand that we don’t “Twitter.” We tweet.
If you are going to pester us about what we do on the Internet, at least use the correct verb and tell us to “stop tweeting.”

5. Parents just don’t understand why we would want to make our photos look “old.” We make our photos black and white because old photos look cool. Unlike old people. Unless, of course, they are named Betty White.

4. Parents just don’t understand that a movie being rated “R” won’t prevent us from going to see it. Seriously, parents, how do you think The Hangover did so well if no teens under the age of 18 lied about how old they were on Fandango to buy tickets? As much as we like acronyms (LOL, OMG, JK) we don’t really care about what the MPAA has to say about what movies we’re allowed to see.

3. Parents just don’t understand that we find it creepy when they give us the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Parents, we don’t need your endorsement to look at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. We are just as weirded out by the prospect of you thinking that we would enjoy looking at those pictures as you are by the prospect of us enjoying looking at those pictures.

2. Parents just don’t understand that we know what going away to “celebrate their anniversary” means. No explanation needed. Ew.

1. Parents just don’t understand that we honestly do love them. No matter how annoying they are or how much they don’t understand, we know how much they love us. And we love them back.

There you have it! 10 teenage thoughts that parents find hard to understand. If you think about it, there is really gap between what a parent does and how a teen perceives it. That gap pretty much makes up this turbulent phase of parenthood.

Numbers 10, 8, 7, and 3 are pretty much things parents do just to please their teens. These actions are attempts to reach out only to end up futile. Why? Well, there’s a quote that can answer that. It goes exactly like this:

“To an adolescent, there is nothing in the world more embarrassing than a parent.”

That saying can somehow summarize what goes on a teen’s mind. No matter what you do, your presence is the most embarrassing thing to your teen. So if you are on the sensitive side, you’ll definitely feel a little off.

Having an abundance of patience is very important during the teen years. As a parent, you need to see the bigger picture to be able be more understanding. Yes, that is easier said that done. Nonetheless, you have to do it.

Teenhood is a precarious phase where you always seem like you’re walking on thin ice. In most cases, you probably are walking on thin ice. It is during this particular phase where you just have to let go of your child. At the same time, you still have to keep a close watch. It’s funny, but everything about teenhood is ironic and confusing.

Teen thoughts can get pretty crazy, right? However, they’re not all that surreal especially if you look at #1. In spite of all the craziness and emotional outbursts, your teen still loves you at the end of the day. This is something you have to understand. As a matter of fact, this is something every parent has to understand.

As mentioned previously, there are definitely more than 10 teenage thoughts that parents don’t understand. Before confusing yourself with every single teenage thought there is, learn more about the top 10 teenage thoughts from an article written by a 17-year old teen named Sam Koppelman.

Will it be any easier for you to understand your teen now?

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