12 Smart Reasons Why More Kids Are Taking SAT Prep Courses

Here’s the continuation of the 12 smart reasons why more kids are taking an SAT prep course these days:

11. Learn to use the power and efficiency of a calculator

In prep classes, one of the main jobs of the instructor is to help students uncover the many ways in which their calculator can help them with the math section of the exam. During the test, while some students will be staring at the wall with a blank look on their face, SAT-prepped kids will be able to hammer away on the calculator, putting into practice the functions learned in class to draw parabolas, solve algebra equations and make graphs, helping them efficiently answer tough questions. (4)

10. Become more disciplined and focused on studying

If a teen is not disciplined enough to study on their own or if she or he is the type who gets easily distracted or procrastinates all the time, then an SAT prep course can really be helpful. Most students will benefit from some form of structure and test preparation. While a few students may be disciplined enough to prepare on their own, a lot of teens need the structure, knowledge, and motivation an experienced instructor provides. (5)

9. Help students who struggle with taking standardized tests

Students who’ve struggled with standardized tests in the past really get to benefit from preparations. A teen will learn test-taking strategies, such as how to pace themselves or build their test-taking stamina. The SAT is almost four hours long. Some students don’t do well simply because they run out of energy. Tutors and classes can help them learn to stay focused. (6)

8. Access to sample tests

The SAT consists of several sections with a series of multiple choice answers. The developers of the test pose each question in a specific way that may vary greatly from the tests kids take in school. Attending an SAT test prep course lets students get their hands on sample tests and see the type of questions asked on that exam. Sample tests often include some of the same questions other students had on previous exams. (7)

7. Get a feel for the testing environment

One reason why most teens take an SAT prep course is because it lets them get a feel for the testing environment. The instructor in charge of the class may even offer practice testing sessions that mimic the standards used by the test. Taking a test in silence with other students around is quite different than practicing a test at home in their bedroom. (8)

It’s often been said that learning how to take the SAT is almost more valuable than studying for the various sections themselves.

6. Learn test taking strategies

It’s often been said that learning how to take the SAT is almost more valuable than studying for the various sections themselves. SAT prep courses and tutoring offer the student a safe, comfortable environment in which to practice anything from bubbling in the right letters to outlining an essay in a readable format, all with experts coaching them every step of the way. (9)

5. Get individual help

Getting individual help is a great reason why teenagers take an SAT prep course. If a kid does well in a fast-paced environment that tackles a different topic each week, a group setting is a good choice. If a kid prefers working at their own pace, then she or he might prefer a private tutoring session. Regardless of which type of prep course a kid decides to attend, a teacher will work with him or her individually to help them do their best. (10)

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  1. I agree with you. Things a lot harder nowadays. A lot harder when I took the SAT, that’s for sure! Our kids need all the support that they can get. For me, SAT prep courses are definitely worth the investment. It’s just a matter of choosing the right one.

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