12 Secrets To Online College Success For Moms

Here’s the continuation of the 12 secrets to online college success for moms.

11. Maximize time properly

Moms are great with time management. With additional load such as online learning, they would have to really take advantage of every second they have. (4)

10. Focus and celebrate small achievable goals

While it’s always good to see the bigger picture, it helps to focus and celebrate the small achievable goals. This can ease the stress for moms who have a million tasks to do in a day. (5)

9. Ask for help

Moms, who are considering online colleges, shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. For example, they should be open to hiring a babysitter for a couple hours so that they could focus on their online learning. (6)

8. Create and dedicate a space for online learning

Moms are known to multi task and that’s okay. However, online learning requires 100% attention. If there’s a dedicated area at home for online learning, moms will find it a lot easier to concentrate. (7)

7. Actively participate in class

Just because online learning is remote, doesn’t mean moms should stay quiet behind a computer. For moms to experience online college success, they should actively participate in class. They should ask questions and get to know their classmates and professors. It’s the only way for them to feel comfortable with the online learning structure. (8)

6. Communicate with the teachers

It’s a must to communicate with the teachers. Moms shouldn’t be shy to ask questions and to seek help from the teachers. The leading online colleges have the proper communication structure to help moms out. (9)

5. Take advantage of all the learning tools available

The leading online colleges offer a huge array of learning tools to support their students. For example, they might have a dedicated website or software that could help keep track of all the lessons. For moms, who have a thousand things in mind, such tools can really enhance the online learning experience. (10)

4. Create a study plan and stick to it

No matter how flexible online learning is, moms should have a study plan. This way, they give importance on their learning experience. Setting a regular schedule helps them become more organized. It also helps them concentrate on the lesson. (11)

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3 thoughts on “12 Secrets To Online College Success For Moms

  1. I didn’t think I could get my husband to support me with my online learning but it just took some serious talking with him and you know what? He has been making it very easy for me to balance everything. My point is, you are absolutely right to keep the family in the loop. That way, they’ll know how to support you. Great article!

  2. I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school. With two young kids (ages 4 and 6), I can’t afford to really think about it seriously. I’m glad I came across your article because I’ve just realized that I can actually do it. Thanks for the tips and most specially, the motivation. As a stay-home mom, I needed all that.

  3. I’m glad I saw your article. I have been contemplating on going back to school but with three young kids, it seems pretty impossible. I never really thought about online colleges but after reading your article, it really seems to be a “guilt-free solution” for moms like me. Thank you.

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