5 Glaring Signs Your Child Is Entering Tweenhood

Tween with Her Parents
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Here are the 5 obvious signs that your child is entering into tweenhood territory.

1. They Choose Solitude Over Family Time: The first sign your child has become a tween present itself in the simplest way — you don’t see them as much.

2. They Suffer From Uncontrollable Eye Rolls: Not long ago, that goofy pun-filled joke dad always tells would have been greeted with a smile, and maybe a shake of the head. Now, your child rolls their eyes and then retreats to their room again.

3. They Begin Speaking Tween: Then, suddenly, you notice they start saying things like “totes magotes” instead of “totally,” or they replace the word “crazy” with “cray cray,” or they begin to verbalize any form of textese, like OMG. If any of these things happen, well then, IMHO, they may have already crossed into the abyss that is the tween years.

4. They’re Newly Obsessed With Their Looks: Just a few years ago, they were more likely to dress like Punky Brewster — in a colorful, mismatched outfit that inaccurately reflected your family’s general sense of fashion. Now, they wear only the carefully selected clothes that portray the exact image they hope to put out there, right down to socks. If you dare advise them what to wear, you get the eye roll.

5. They Become Remarkably Easy to Embarrass: Then, suddenly, your child develops an acute sense of embarrassment. And, as it turns out, the most embarrassing thing in the world is actually you. It’s true. Nothing embarrasses a tween more than being seen in public with their parents.

The number 5 sign is a dead giveaway. It hurts but it’s all part of this bizarre tweenhood stage your kid is going through.

No one can ever prepare you for the tweenhood stage. You can try to learn to from other moms, but you always need to remember that your tween is a unique individual. Hence, you can’t use the same parenting style other moms use on their own tween. You just have to figure it out yourself.

Yes, you will need a lot of patience; a lot more than when you had to get up in the middle of the night to feed and to change nappies. With tweenhood, you will still find yourself staying up late at night for more serious issues. Definitely, you’d just want to go back to the simple days of diapers and potty training.

So soon as your kid turns 10, watch out for these glaring signs. This way you can prepare yourself for the shape of things to come. If you want to know more about the signs of tweenhood, you can read this article written by a struggling parent named Cort Ruddy. He sure made a lot of sense.

Are you starting to see any of these glaring signs in your tween?

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