5 Glaring Signs Your Child Is Entering Tweenhood

Tween with Her Parents
Photo courtesy of sierraschool.com.

You may have complained, from time to time, about getting up in the middle of the night to feed your baby and to change nappies. You may have ranted about potty training your little one but that actually is nothing compared to what you have to do soon as your kid enters tweenhood.

For some parents, tweenhood is where the trouble begins. This is because of the fact that your little kid is slowly shedding off the cuteness.

As your kid turns 10, he or she is physically and emotionally transforming into a unique individual right before your eyes. Needless to say, this transformation is one that can confuse your kid.

As a mom, you not only need to witness the whole transformation. You need to understand it as well. You need to adjust to it so that you can support your kid. Remember, no parent will ever tell you that it’s a smooth ride because it isn’t.

Recognizing the signs of tweenhood is a good way for you to adjust to the whole process. You can turn to the next page to find the 5 glaring signs of tweenhood.

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