3 Unusual Things You Should Look Out For In Your Child’s Behavior Online

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Here are the 3 unusual things that you should look out for in your child’s behavior online.

1. A sudden lack of posts. If your kid is an avid social media consumer and suddenly stops posting on his/her page altogether, that’s a warning sign.

2. A refusal to hand over the phone. I’m not talking about giving your kid reasonable privacy. I’m talking about absolute terror if you ask to have a look at the phone and its contents.

3. A frequent change in usernames. Social media is about conversing with others and when kids are constantly changing their usernames or account names, something is up. He/she is either trying to hide something or hide from someone.

These are definitely the warning signs you should look out for. Granted that your kids are very comfortable in the digital world, they still wouldn’t know how to protect themselves.

Your job, as a parent, is to make sure they’re protected. However, that can be very challenging to do online. How in the world can you actually keep track of your kid’s username?

The best thing you can really do is to monitor your kid’s activities online and offline. If your kid is now active online, the first thing you should know is how your kid is accessing the internet.

It’s not enough to get the phone back because kids are pretty smart nowadays. You can get back their phone and they can still use other devices to get online. Your job is to know how they’re accessing the internet so that you can monitor all their activities.

Nonetheless, the 3 warning signs from Natalie Blais is a good starting point for you to monitor your kids online. If you want to know more about what Natalie has to say, you can read her whole article here.

Have you noticed any of the warning signs in your kid’s behavior lately?

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