13 Classic Mommy Moves That Send Teens Shrieking In Total Embarrassment

Mom Embarrassing Daughter
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Here are the 13 classic mommy moves that embarrass teenagers.

1. Call them by their childhood nickname. If they didn’t have one, just make up something.

2. Squeeze their cheeks. And squeeze them hard!

3. Rock a bathrobe when dropping them off at school. For a little extra embarrassment, throw some curlers in your hair.

4. Throw on some mom jeans. And put on a dickie for good measure.

5. Kiss your partner in front of them. And we’re not just talking about a peck on the cheek.

6. Wear the same clothes as them. Because every teen girl wants to see her mom in a crop top.

7. Bust out some sick dance moves. And by sick, we obviously mean foolish.

8. Sing as loud as you can. Bonus points if you don’t know the words.

9. Share their baby photos on Instagram. Or take a cue from this dad and share a video of your child taking selfies.

10. Use slang. And do so out of context.

11. Shout at them from your car. You don’t have to say anything in particular. The call to attention should suffice.

12. Commit a major text fail. Actually, this may lead to more laughs than blushes.

13. Try to be the “cool mom.” Trust us — they prefer you act like a mom rather than a friend.

So there you have it; classic mommy moves that can easily embarrass your teenager.

Here’s the most awesome thing about all the classic mommy moves. You can actually combine the moves to create one epic moment. So why not combine # 1 (if your kid doesn’t have a nickname, feel free to use pumpkin), #2, #3, and #11 to totally create the ultimate moment of embarrassment? They will definitely remember it for a looong time. I guarantee it!

Seriously, it’s not easy to understand your kid’s new world. No matter what you do, you’ll end up driving your kid nuts. So just take it easy. Stand from a distance but be there when you’re needed. Avoid # 13.

One of the most important moves you have to make is to be the mom your kid can turn to when the need arises. It strengthens your bond and, most of all, will make your kid lucky to have you around.

If you want to see the actual list of sure ways to embarrass kids, you can check out the article on popsugar.com.

Are you starting to realize that it’s high time you tame your classic mommy moves?

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