12 Insane Thoughts Moms Have When Their Teenager Wants To Invite Friends Over To The House

Teen with Her Friends
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Good bye, play dates! Once your child turns into a teenager, you’re talking parties!

These aren’t the kind of parties you’d normally get excited about. Truth be told, your teenager would most likely wish you were invisible during the party. So isn’t that enough to worry you to death?

The thought of your teenager inviting friends over is more than enough to give you the creeps. As it is, dealing with your teenager is challenging enough. How much more dealing with a bunch of teenagers in your home? You definitely need all the luck and patience that you can get.

The thing about your teenager having friends over is that you can never do enough. With all the insane thoughts running through your head, you just feel so helpless.

You’re on a panic mode. The worst part of it all is knowing that this is just the start. Yes, there are more parties to come.

That’s more than enough to make you scream for help! While you’re screaming for help, you have all these insane thoughts running through your head. What exactly are these insane thoughts? You can go check them out the next page.

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