10 Wacky, Witty, And Unforgettable Phrases Moms Say And What They Actually Mean

Mom and Daughter Bonding
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Moms are more than amazing. At times, they can be cute and comical. Sure, they can get pretty scary at times. Most of the time, though, they’re pretty funny.

Take, for example, the wacky things they say. You just have to admit it that only moms can say the wackiest but wittiest thing ever. No one else has that gift of tongue but moms. They say the same thing over and over again until it really makes sense.

When it does start to make sense, it transforms into some kind of golden rule at home. The thing is, you never really follow it.

If you end up listening to her, then she would never have anything to say at all. You wouldn’t want her to have nothing to say at all, right?

Thanks to kids like you, moms have come up with the wackiest and wittiest phrases of all time. You are definitely going to get a kick out of these unforgettable phrases moms say to their kids all the time because finally they have been decoded.

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